An Overview of the History of the TCDH


  • Logo Dhd2023

    DHd2023: "Open Humanities, Open Culture" in Trier and Luxembourg

    The Universities of Trier and Luxembourg are co-hosting and the teams of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities and the Center for Contemporary and Digital History are looking forward to DHd2023 "Open Humanities, Open Culture" from March 13-17, 2023 in Trier and Belval/Luxembourg.


  • Paul Fleming und lateinische Gedichte aus CAMENA. Lateinische Texte der Frühen Neuzeit der Universität Mannheim

    2022 – Complete edition of the Latin and German works of Paul Fleming

    An important representative of early Baroque lyric poetry will receive a digital edition of his works. The planned edition is considered one of the most urgent desiderata of early modern Germanist and Latinist research, since Fleming's work has so far only been accessible in an edition from the 19th century that is in great need of revision.

  • Laptop mit Gesamtübersicht des Workflows zur Vernetzung des mecklenburgischen Wörterbuches

    2022 – „Wossidlo-Teuchert“ online

    For the Low German language area, a central dialect dictionary will be made digitally accessible and, through its later integration into the Trier dictionary network, a comprehensive research for scholars and the general public will be possible. The Mecklenburgische Wörterbuch (MeckWb) is the most important access to the vocabulary of the Mecklenburg dialect and is one of the large-scale scientific dialect dictionaries.


  • Ferdinand Tönnies

    2021 – DFG funds the project "Ferdinand Tönnies Letters: A Digital Edition

    The project aims to establish an online edition of all of Tönnies' non-familial letters. More than 1,700 letters are to be brought together, digitized, transcribed, annotated, equipped with analytical tools, and presented on the Internet in a freely accessible and future-oriented manner.

  • Dr. Joëlle Weis

    2021 – New head of research area III

    As of December 1, 2021, Dr. Joëlle Weis will join our team. In close cooperation with the Board of Directors and together with research partners, staff and students, she will develop and be responsible for new ideas and projects, especially in the third pillar of the Center of Excellence, "Digital Literary and Cultural Studies".

  • CLS Infra

    2021 - Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure launched

    The European collaborative project “CLS Infrastructure” launched and to advance the development of this innovative field of work CLS.

  • Text+

    2021 - TCDH is part of the nationwide Text+ initiative

    We are engaged in the areas of “Lexical Resources” and “Digital Text Collections”. Our goal is the joint development of a National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI) for text-based sciences. The “Text+” network already includes more than 30 partners from university and non-university research institutions and memory institutions.

  • Stefan Heym

    2021 - Stefan Heym: “Ahasver” Pilot project launched for intended Heym edition

    The pilot project “Ahasver” by Stefan Heym begins and presents the work of the author of special rank digitally for the first time.

  • Relaunch Homepage

    2021 - Relaunch of the TCDH homepage

    The website of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities gets a new look and shows the new structures of the center.

  • Uni Trier Logo

    2021 - The center becomes a central facility of the University of Trier

    With its three created research areas I. Digital Edition and Digital Lexicography, II. Software Systems and Research Infrastructure and III Digital Literary and Culture Studies the TCDH works as a central institution of the University of Trier.


  • Dr Claudia Bamberg

    2020 - Dr Claudia Bamberg takes on the co-management of the TCDH

    Dr Claudia Bamberg is the new head of the research area “Digital Edition and Digital Lexicography” and  managing director at the TCDH.

  • dictionary network

    2020 – Relaunch of the dictionary network

    The platform of the long-term project “Wörterbuchnetz” gets a new look, new functions and new dictionaries are added.

  • wine label

    2020 - wine labels in transition starts

    The TCDH is starting the project Wine labels in transition with funds from the university initiative CHEST (Cultural Heritage Studies Trier).






  • Autumn School 2015

    2015 - Autumn School

    The VW Foundation supports the Trier Digital Humanities Autumn School 2015 "Methodological Intersections", which is organized jointly with the Unversité du Luxembourg.

  • Dr Vera Hildenbrandt

    2015 - Representation of the vacant professorship for DH

    Dr Vera Hildenbrandt represented the professorship for DH at University Trier from the 2015/16 winter semester up to and including the 2016/17 winter semester.

  • Vernetzte Korrespondenzen

    2015 - Exhibition "Vernetzte Korrespondenzen. Briefe aus dem Exil"

    The exhibition "Vernetzte Korrespondenzen. Briefe aus dem Exil" takes place in the library of the University of Trier.

  • Exhibition"Maschinen und Manuskripte"

    2015 - Exhibition "Maschinen und Manuskripte"

    The exhibition "Machines and manuscripts – Digitization of the Manuscripts of St. Matthias" takes place in the library of the Episcopal Seminary in Trier.



  • Laterna Magica

    2013 - historical projection art

    The DFG is funding “eLaterna”, a cooperative project with the Media Studies Department at University Trier.

  • poster Exilnetz

    2013 – Network coordination of the BMBF project “Vernetzte Korrespondenzen”

    Dr.Vera Hildenbrandt is the initiator and network coordinator of the BMBF-funded project “Vernetzte Korrespondenzen”.



  • Dr Vera Hildenbrandt

    2011 - new co-managing director

    Dr. Vera Hildenbrandt takes over as co-executive director at TCDH.

  • Cusanus

    2011 - Cusanus Portal

    Cusanus Portal  online

  • Wissen schafft Zukunft

    2011 - Approval of the professorship for dh

    Approval of a professorship for dh in the funding line “Additional equipment for top researchers” of the Rhineland-Palatinate university program “Wissen schafft Zukunft II



  • framework agreement

    2009 - framework agreement

    A big step for the competence center. The framework agreement between the Union of German Academies of Sciences and the University of Trier was signed.

  • St. Matthias Trier

    2009 - Virtual scriptorium

    The German Research Foundation funds the project "Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias Trier".


  • Brothers Grimm

    2008 - Digital Grimm

    Incredible then and now it almost makes you smile. The CD-ROM Digital Grimm was sold 30,000 times.

  • Wissen schaft Zukunft

    2008 - Further funding

    The center's further funding within the framework of the Rhineland-Palatinate research initiative "Wissen schafft Zukunft" has been approved.

  • Tcdh-General

    2008 - 10 years competence center

    "Kompetenzentrum für elektronische Erschließungs- und Publikationsverfahren in den Geisteswissenschaften" has existed for 10 years.


  • dictionary network

    2007 - dictionary network online

    The long-term project of the TCDH dictionary network goes online with the first dictionaries and is gradually being expanded.



  • TCDH-General

    2005 - Department II of the University of Trier

    The competence center will be established by the departmental council as part of department II of the University of Trier

  • Tischbein Goethe in the Campana

    2005 - Goethe Dictionary

    The „Goethe Dictionary“ is online available.


  • Brothers Grimm

    2004 - Digital Grimm

    Digital Grimm published on CD-ROM

  • Dr Andrea Rapp

    2004 - Dr Andrea Rapp becomes co-managing director

    Dr. Andrea Rapp becomes co-managing director of Competence Center.

  • CAG

    2004 - Corpus Augustinianum Gissense 2

    Corpus Augustinianum Gissense 2 published on CD-ROM

  • Heinrich Heine

    2004 - Heinrich Heine Portal

    The Heinrich-Heine Portal is online.


  • Prof Dr Claudine Moulin

    2003 - Prof Dr Claudine Moulin becomes director

    From October 2003, Prof Dr Kurt Gärtner transferred the scientific management to Prof Dr Claudine Moulin. But he remains connected to the center.



  • Standards of Full Text Digitization

    2001 - International Colloquium

    The international colloquium "Standards und Methoden der Volltextdigitalisierung" will take place from October 8th to 9th, 2001 in Trier.



  • Dr Thomas Burch

    1998 - Dr Thomas Burch Managing Director of the Competence Center

    Dr Thomas Burch takes on the management of the competence center.

  • Kurt Gärtner

    1998 - Founding and scientific management

    Founding and scientific management of the "Competence Center for Electronic Cataloging and Publication Processes in the Humanities" by Prof Dr Kurt Gartner.