Virtual Scriptorium St Matthias

Lecture by Philipp Vanscheidt (University of Trier) and Sabine Philippi (Trier City Library)

Virtual Scriptorium St Matthias




16 Jan 2013, 8:30 am, A 338, University of Trier


On 16 Jan 2013, Philipp Vanscheidt (University of Trier) and Sabine Philippi (City Library Trier) present the project “Virtual Scriptorium St Matthias” at the scientific colloquium “Digital Humanities”. The project is concerned with the digitisation and virtual reconstruction of the medieval library of the Benedictine abbey St Matthias.

The aim of the project “Virtual Scriptorium St Matthias” is to digitise and virtually reconstruct the original medieval manuscripts of the Trier abbey St Matthias. These are about 500 codices that are scattered to about 25 places all over the world. The digitisation shall make accessible these works that are of particular relevance for various disciplines. The project has the intention to trace the cultural profile and its development and growth and enable an insight into the conditions of both production and reception of the works. The talk includes the inventory as well as the process of its development from the digitisation to the depiction online.

All guests are very welcome.

Keywords: Manuscripts, Virtual Reconstruction of dislocated Stocks