Implementing Research Projects Digitally

Rely on Our Experience!

Over 20 Years of DH Experience

We may no longer be young guns, but the TCDH is even more an experienced and reliable cooperation partner. It was founded in 1998 at the University of Trier by the name "Competence Center for Electronic Cataloguing and Publishing in the Humanities" and, since the beginning of 2021, it has been a central scientific institution of the University of Trier, where the interdisciplinary team can contribute with its experience of nearly 100 research projects. For the most part, we carried out these projects on very different topics and issues in cooperation with partners from Germany and abroad - at the University of Trier, in our region and throughout Germany as well as with European partners.

Planning and Implementing Projects Together

Together with scholars from the philologies, history, literature, cultural studies, media studies, law and computer science of the University of Trier as well as from outside the university and beyond its borders, the team of the TCDH designs research projects and develops model solutions in the three research areas (1) Digital Edition and Digital Lexicography, (2) Software Systems and Research Infrastructure and (3) Digital Literary and Cultural Studies.

We would also like to realize new project ideas together with you - from the planning and application of a project, the digital implementation and publication on the Internet to the sustainable securing of results in terms of a professional research data management.

Much More than a Service Provider

The TCDH has never seen itself as a mere service provider. In fact, computer scientists, philologists, linguists, lexicographers and cultural scientists from various disciplines (German studies, Romance studies, history, sociology, musicology, etc.) work hand in hand; in the area of computer science, software developers and web designers work together with our partners on the digital conception and publication of the projects in order to present the results appropriately and appealingly on the Internet (see Usability Engineering and UX).

This means that the TCDH team develops suitable technical solutions on the one hand, and also contributes to each new project with its scientific expertise on the other. Thus, we can advise our cooperation partners effectively and draw on our diverse expertise when it comes to questions regarding the technical implementation of a research project.

We welcome inquiries from colleagues - whether from the University of Trier, from our region, from other parts of Germany or from abroad - who would like to cooperate with us for the implementation of their research projects and project ideas!