The project Destroyed Cultural Heritage presents itself at FORGE23

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October 4 - 6

The poster session will take place on October 5 from 5:30 pm




Vivien Wolter
The student project 'Destroyed Cultural Heritage', which was launched as part of the seminar 'Praxis of Digital Humanities' at the University of Trier, presents itself at the FORGE23 conference in Tübingen.

FORGE - Research Data in the Humanities, will take place under the motto "Anything Goes?!" from October 4 to 6, 2023 in Tübingen. 

Research data are an established and complementary basis to other research subjects as well as an important output of the scientific research process. This importance and the increasing professionalization in terms of its methodological-critical, organizational, legal and ethical framework will be the focus of FORGE 2023.

During the conference, two of the project founders Julia Alili and Vivien Wolter will present the project and its planned goals at the poster session.

The project deals with collecting and making accessible the destruction of cultural heritage sites. For this purpose, an interactive website was created, on which information on individual sites as well as the associated wars was collected in a contextualized manner. With this project, the students set themselves the task of raising awareness of destroyed cultural assets. The website contains information on the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, the former Yugoslavia, Syria and Ukraine and is the only tool to date that presents destroyed and damaged cultural heritage collectively. This allows users to get an overview of how much human culture and history actually falls victim to the conflicts. This destruction is often not just collateral damage, but is also deliberately brought about by terrorist organizations, among others.

To ensure that the data collected in the project can be further used for research purposes, they are recorded in LIDO XML documents for each cultural site and are available on the website for further use via download. The complete website code and the LIDO-XML schema are also publicly available in the project's GitHub repository and can be freely downloaded.

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