Trier Editing Tool for Transcribing Texts


Project Management: Universität Trier - Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH)

Project Participants: University of Cambridge · Bergische Universität Wuppertal · Cambridge University Library

Sponsors: Nordrhein-Westfälische Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste

Running time: -

Contact person (TCDH): Dr Thomas Burch; Frank Queens

Research Area: Software Systems and Research Infrastructure, Digital Literary and Cultural Studies, Digital Edition and Lexicography

Keywords: Digital Technologies and Tools, Tools for Editions


Website of the Project: Transcribo

Transcribo is an editing tool developed by the Trier Center for Digital Humanities in collaboration with the Arthur Schnitzler project: Digital historical-critical Edition.

With Transcribo you can transcribe texts in a productive and time-saving manner and proceed as intuitively as you are used to with manual transcription. This tool offers you all the subtleties necessary for differentiated text entry and supports you in your work in a powerful yet easy-to-understand manner.



Dr Thomas Burch
E-mail: burchatuni-trier [dot] de
Phone: +49 651 201-3364

Frank Queens
E-mail: queensatuni-trier [dot] de
Phone: +49 651 201-2935

Julia Hennemann
E-mail: hennemannjatuni-trier [dot] de
Phone: +49 651 201-3849