Project Management

Working in a Structured and Interdisciplinary Manner

Carry out Professional Projects

In the conception and implementation of the research projects that we develop together with our cooperation partners, both our technical and specialist expertise are incorporated. Computer scientists, philologists, linguists, lexicographers and cultural scientists from different disciplines (German, Romance studies, history, sociology, musicology, etc.) always work closely together at the TCDH. In the field of computer science, it is programmers and web designers who work together on the digital conception and publication of the projects in order to finally present the results appropriately and appropriately on the Internet (see Usability engineering and UX ).

This means that the interdisciplinary team of the TCDH on the one hand develops suitable technical solutions, but on the other hand also brings its technical expertise to every new project. This means that we can also provide our cooperation partners with appropriate advice and also fall back on our diverse expertise when it comes to questions relating to the technical implementation of a research project. The team also benefits from many years of experience from other projects, which are used for every new venture. Especifically, this means, for example, that existing TCDH tools can be used in a slightly adapted form for new projects, thus, creating numerous synergy effects.

Our Research Data Management aims at the compilation of the research data (generated in the projects developed at the TCDH) according to international scientific standards in the sense of the FAIR principles as well as the publication in Open Access. Thus, accessibility and interoperability (linkability) as well as long-term availability and re-use of the research data are guaranteed.