Lecture by Nicola McLelland (University of Nottingham) in the lecture series "Practice of Digital Humanities"

"Adelung's English-German Dictionary (1783, 1796): Deception and More"

Vortrag McLelland




University of Trier, TCDH
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
DM Building, Room DM 343
Online via Zoom: https://uni-trier.zoom-x.de/j/62977543823?pwd=ZUdqV0h6YWVZWG9FRDd2Vk8rRE5mZz09


The lecture series "Practice of Digital Humanities" is part of the Master's program in 'Digital Humanities.' It is open to all interested individuals from various fields of study and outside the university.

The English-German dictionary by Johann Christoph Adelung, produced on behalf of the publisher Benjamin Schwickert (Adelung 1783, 1796), deserves recognition. After all, it is titled after the famous English dictionary by Samuel Johnson ("drawn from the larger English work of Mr. Samuel Johnson after its fourth edition"), and the author is none other than Johnson, the author of a groundbreaking monolingual dictionary, in this case for the German language (Adelung 1774-1786; 2nd edition 1793-1801).

However, Adelung's bilingual dictionary has received little attention until now. In this lecture, I will introduce the dictionary and its accomplishments. I will also draw attention to the significant differences between the two volumes of the work, which make it highly unlikely that the second volume is authored by Adelung. Furthermore, it is no longer based directly on Johnson's dictionary but on another recently published English-German dictionary. Nevertheless, the analysis of the first volume highlights Adelung's careful and, in some cases, innovative work, where he consulted not only Johnson's dictionary but also earlier English-German dictionaries and his own dictionary of High German. Additionally, I will demonstrate that Adelung's experiences in creating the bilingual dictionary influenced the revision of his German dictionary. Specifically, this pertains to the treatment of pronunciation and the use of metalinguistic terms.


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