Digital Edition of Peter Fasbender's Pilgrimage Report

(HS 1936/7 8°, Stadtbibliothek Trier)

HS 1936/7 8°, fol. 1r, Stadtbibliothek Trier

Project Management: Maria Dötsch  (Universität Trier - Germanistik (Ältere deutsche Philologie)) · Universität Trier - Germanistik (Ältere deutsche Philologie) · Prof Dr Claudine Moulin  (Universität Trier - Germanistik (Ältere deutsche Philologie)) · Universität Trier - Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH)

Project Participants: Wissenschaftliche Bibliothek der Stadt Trier

Sponsors: Universität Trier - Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH)

Running time: since

Contact person (TCDH): Prof Dr Claudine Moulin; Dr Claudia Bamberg; Dr Matthias Bremm

Research Area: Digital Literary and Cultural Studies, Digital Edition and Lexicography

Keywords: Manuscripts

In 1492, Peter Fasbender, a citizen of Koblenz, travels to the Holy Land as one of the few known non-noble pilgrims of the Moselle-Franconian cultural area. He summarizes his experiences in a travel report, which is in the Trier City Library as HS 1936/7 8°.

It is a remarkable object of study in many respects: the manuscript documents an individual travel experience as a unique testimony, but at the same time it is to be seen in the context of a larger narrative of the travel literature of the 15th and 16th centuries. In addition, the language of the manuscript is fascinating due to a strong dialectal, Mosel-Franconian coloration. A philological evaluation of the textual evidence, which will contribute to the further, cultural and linguistic historical development of the heritage of the Moselle region, is being carried out within the framework of the dissertation project of Maria Backes (University of Trier/Old German Philology).
In the context of this project, a digital edition of Fasbender's travelogue true to the text is being prepared in a cooperative project of the University of Trier (German Studies/Old German Philology), the Trier Center for Digital Humanities, and the Scientific Library of the City of Trier. For this purpose, the text of the manuscript will be transcribed in FuD and distinguished according to various categories of content and linguistic analysis. After completion of the dissertation project, the edition will be made available to scholars and the interested public on the web together with the digital copy of the manuscript.


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