Promotion of Young Talents

Diverse Exchanges

Multiple Channels for Support

We are involved in the Master's degree course which was coordinated by the chair for Digital Humanities and which is set up to prepare for the genuine research questions at the interface between the humanities and computer science. We use innovative teaching methods and impart skills that open up excellent career prospects for our graduates. Through the connection to the TCDH, students also gain insights into scientific practice, take on challenging project tasks and make contacts in the science community - learning for life, that is our philosophy.

In addition, we award scholarships to young researchers and participate in international initiatives for scientific mobility through guest lectureships, fellowships and Short Term Scientific Missions​​. The productive exchange with visiting scholars enriches their and our work equally and opens up new perspectives. We convey our expertise in workshops and spring schools or autumn schools to the professional world.

International Exchange at the University of Trier

The Graduate Center (GUT) of the University of Trier also offers individual advice and structured further training opportunities during the doctoral phase by expanding the professional supervision by the doctoral supervisor to include numerous doctoral and interdisciplinary offers.