New Fellows!

New Fellows! We are happy to welcome Sofia Justham Bello and Dr. Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter in Trier.

07.07.2022 | General, Project News, Academic exchange

As part of our fellowship programs, we currently welcome two fellows of different academic career stages to the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH) at Trier University.
New Fellows

Sofia Justham Bello and Dr. Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter will collaborate in our research projects during their stay in Trier. The research content ranges from collaboration on the digital Goethe dictionary to the history of ideas and culture of the Enlightenment and Enlightenment research as a multilingual phenomenon, which will be explored using digital methods. Dr. Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter will present his research approaches on July 14, 2022 in the lecture "The Canons of the Enlightenment: multidisciplinary, multilingual, digital" as part of the research colloquium of the summer semester 2022 "Digital Perspectives". The postdoctoral fellowship is funded by the project "Mining and Modeling Text: Interdisciplinary Applications, Informatic Advancement, Legal Perspectives" (MiMoText).

The Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH) has offered fellowships for visiting scholars since its inception. We warmly welcome the researchers who will now have Trier as their research station in the summer of 2022. In the coming years, highly qualified scholars from all disciplines of the Digital Humanities are invited to apply for fellowships.

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