A new Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch has been published

Edition report on the manuscript 1936/7 8° (Trier City Library) - Peter Fasbenders published

29.12.2021 | General, Project News

The recently published volume of the Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch contains an edition report by Maria Dötsch, Claudia Bamberg and Matthias Bremm on the project “Digital Edition of Peter Fasbender's Pilgrimage Report”.
Evangeliar von St. Maria ad martyres, Beginn des Johannes-Evangeliums.

Evangeliary of St. Maria ad martyres, beginning of the Evangeliary of St. John. Evangelist John (Hs 23/122 a/b 2°, vol. 2, fol. 62v).
Image rights: Trier Scientific Library

In December 2021, the latest volume of the Kurtrierisches Jahrbuch was published. It contains a wide range of contributions on the history and culture of the Trier region. Two articles discuss important manuscripts from the holdings of the Scientific Library of the City of Trier. The "Evangeliar von St. Maria ad martyres" is said to have belonged to Emperor Charlemagne himself. A travel report by Peter Fasbender, a citizen of Koblenz, describes his experiences on his journey to the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem in 1493.

This manuscript has only been partially researched and is the subject of the dissertation project of the author Maria Dötsch. In collaboration with Claudia Bamberg and Matthias Bremm, an edition report on the project has been published. In the article, the authors explore the question of how the virtual research environment FuD can be used for the digital edition of Fasbender's manuscript.

Tags: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH, medieval period