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The Website of the TCDH Shines in New Splendor

11.06.2021 | General, Press Releases

The website of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH) has been completely revised, both technically and in terms of content, and is now characterized by a modern design. This reflects the personnel and structural changes of the past months as well as the three new research areas.
Launch Website

Adi Goldstein by unsplash

The Center is Continuing to Evolve

The new and shorter name of the Trier Research Institution for Digital Humanities is just one of many innovations. Since the beginning of 2021, the TCDH has been a central scientific institution of the University of Trier and is now headed by the directors Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin and Prof. Dr. Christof Schöch and the executive directors Dr. Claudia Bamberg and Dr. Thomas Burch. You can reach us via the URL, where the old address is redirected to.

The online team placed a special focus on user-friendliness, the UX design with clear and simple user guidance with a streamlined menu structure. The system was implemented using the Drupal content management system, which offers a wide range of options for mapping complex data structures. Using various linked content types and categorizations, we created an expandable data network of people, topics, projects, institutions and other content - just as we are used to as "Digital Humanists". A clear presentation of these currently more than 1200 “entities” is made possible by various filterable views or list views.

A considerable number of content-related novelties await visitors: a simple and quick overview of current and past project contents within the three new research areas, a simplified assignment to topics, the summary of more than 20 years of media echo on notable TCDH projects, or a timeline on the Center's history. The newly created 21 topic areas underscore the center's interdisciplinary work and show our research work in all its facets. At the beginning of 2020, three research areas were defined by the Board of Directors. They are oriented towards our competencies and experiences as well as our ambitions for the future: (1) Digital Edition and Lexicography, (2) Software Systems and Research Infrastructure, and (3) Digital Literary and Cultural Studies.

Responsive, User-Friendly and SEO

One of the main tasks of the relaunch was to adapt the website to today's user behavior as well as to reflect the new structures of the TCDH. Dr. Thomas Burch, executive director at the TCDH, emphazises: “A large part of the access to our website already happens via mobile devices. That's why we designed the website the way an optimization of the access via all devices can be achieved”. In order to enhance user-friendliness, the content structure has been revised for better orientation. “The simple navigation structure is very successful, so users will quickly find their way around the site.” In addition, search engine optimization of all website contents also increases the visibility and traceability of the new website.

Revised Elements and New Features

After the predecessor version, which is graying in honor, the new homepage focuses on images and modern elements of contemporary science communication. We adapt the communication formats to the new forms of reception of our target groups, convey the contents of the research projects accordingly and see our Internet presence as a central pillar of our communication and transfer understanding. For many years, the contents of the TCDH have already been offered bilingually in German and English. With the online launch of the new website, an important goal has been achieved. However, the portal will continue to be developed further in the future.

Further information: Dr. Thomas Burch

Tags: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer