Committment to Teaching

Versatile Education

Central Partner of the Subjects

The TCDH is involved in university teaching. Practical training for Bachelor and Master students is just as important to us as the further qualification of our scientists, among others, within the framework of research projects. The joint scientific management of the TCDH by two professors with different research focuses and the cooperation, especially with computational linguistics, media studies, computer science and law, in research and teaching ensure the transdisciplinary approach of the courses.

Bachelor and Master

The TCDH is involved in university teaching in a variety of ways. Especially those researchers who do not primarily work project-based also teach in the courses of Faculty II with reference to Digital Humanities. Since winter semester 2014/15, the TCDH has played a key role in the research-oriented, transdisciplinary Master of Science "Digital Humanities", in which core topics such as Digital Editions, Digital Lexicography, Data Indexing and quantitative methods also play an important role. Since winter semester 2020, there has also been a Bachelor of Science "Language, Technology, Media" (STeM) at the University of Trier with possible priorities in the area of ​​"Digital Humanities".

Digital Teaching

At the TCDH and the professorships involved, research is not only carried out digitally: We also use innovative teaching methods and impart practical skills that open up excellent career prospects for graduates. The Virtual Museum Digital Humanities, developed jointly by Master’s students and the TCDH, clearly demonstrates how teaching content can be prepared and conveyed in an innovative and interactive way beyond conventional formats. At the same time, the students get an insight into non-university professional fields the Digital Humanities form an important basis for. In addition, we are actively involved in redesigning digital teaching. From the digital conference "Während und nach Corona. Digitale Lehre in der Germanistik", for example, a consensus paper on "Acht Anforderungen an die zukünftige Lehre in der Germanistik" was created.

Learning with Research

Many of the students in the courses mentioned also worked as student or research assistants in the TCDH projects. In this way, they gain insights into scientific practice, take on demanding project tasks, make contacts in the scientific community, and, thus, continually grow into the role of project staff. In addition, the TCDH regularly offers practice-oriented workshops on various topics.