Humanities Education in Research, Data, and Methods


Project Management: Prof. Dr. Malte Hagener  (Philipps Universität Marburg – Institut für Medienwissenschaft )

Project Participants: Professorin Dr. Aline Julia Elisabeth Deicke · PD Dr. Dr. Frédéric Döhl · Prof. Dr. Peter Haslinger · Prof. Dr. Ursula Lehmkuhl · Dr. Marina Lemaire · Prof. Dr. Johannes Paulmann · Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapp · Prof. Dr. Stefan Schmunk · Prof. Torsten Schrade · Prof Dr Christof Schöch

Sponsors: BMBF – Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

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Contact person (TCDH): Prof Dr Christof Schöch


Christof Schöch: “Quantitative Analyse”. Digital Humanities: Eine Einführung. Stuttgart: Metzler, 2017.

Research Area: Digital Literary and Cultural Studies

Keywords: data competence, Data Literacy, Digital Literacy, Consultation, Methods, Networking


Website of the Project:

HERMES establishes places for learning, research and networking where data skills in the humanities and cultural studies are taught, further developed and critically reflected upon. HERMES is designing and testing a range of different formats for this purpose.

In Trier, the partners Servicezentrum eSciences and Trier Center for Digital Humanities are helping to develop and implement the following offers: 

Bring-your-own-data labs: Advanced researchers who have access to specific datasets need data skills and exchange opportunities tailored to their individual research projects. In the bring-your-own-data labs, this advice and mediation is therefore practice- and research-oriented, either individually or in small groups. The format enables researchers to deepen their knowledge of certain methods or learn about new approaches and apply them directly and with support to their research topic. As an advisory and support format that can be used at the beginning or further on in the research cycle, this offer is ideal for post-graduate students with research questions and data sets for specific research projects.

Hermes Hub: The HERMES Hub will be the central communication platform of the Data Competence Center. As a central facility, it is both a technical and a social platform that serves to provide information about the activities and offers of the DKZ, but above all to network and exchange information between all actors in the field of teaching and developing data skills in the humanities. The platform is intended to do justice to the open science understanding of HERMES in order to strengthen the networking of all actors (producers as well as consumers of HERMES services) and to bring them into a lively, mutually beneficial exchange about data science methods and research data management in the humanities and their communication.


Johanna Konstanciak
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Prof Dr Christof Schöch
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Phone: +49 651 201-3264

Veronica Wassermayr
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