Digitization of the „Oekonomische Encyklopädie“ by Johann Georg Krünitz

Krünitz edited

Project Management: Universität Trier - Universitätsbibliothek Trier · Universität Trier - Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH)

Sponsors: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG)

Running time: -

Contact person (TCDH): Dr Thomas Burch

Research Area: Software Systems and Research Infrastructure, Digital Edition and Lexicography

Keywords: Retro Digitization, TUSTEP


Website of the Project: Johann Georg Krünitz Oeconomische Encyclopädie online

"Oekonomische Encyklopädie oder allgemeines System der Staats- Stadt- Haus- und Landwirthschaft“ (Economic encyclopedia or general system of state, city, house and agriculture) is the title of one of the oldest encyclopedias in the German-speaking area. The work, founded by Johann Georg Krünitz, appeared in 242 volumes from 1773 to 1858 and is one of the most important sources of scientific history for the time of change to an industrial society. The digitization project was implemented with funds from Trier University Library and made available to the general public online in the form of an SGML / XML-compliant and searchable electronic full-text version.

The encyclopedia, 90% in Fraktur, presented the Chinese data typists with new challenges. The typography used in the factory to identify structural features, some of which is expressed in only minimal changes, requires the greatest possible care and makes capturing the texts and the subsequent quality control extremely time-consuming.