eCodicology: page now available in English

Project content, work status and methods can be viewed

21.05.2014 | General, Project News

The project website of the "eCodicology" project is now also available online.
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Starting today, the new webpage of the “eCodicology” project provides information on contents, working progress, and methods in English.

The work of “eCodicology” is based on the project “Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias” which digitised the medieval collection in the library of the Benedictine abbey St. Matthias in Trier and enhanced them with metadata.

“eCodicology” uses this data stock and develops algorithms which automatically recognize macro- and microstructural design elements and embeds them into the respective metadata. The tthus achieved findings can become the basis for further automatised analyses of manuscript collections.

Tags: Manuscripts, Bibliotheken, Archive, medieval period