Developing Software Systems

Flexible and Accurate Solutions

Developing Accurate Software Solutions

We work with agile methods in the conception and programming of complex software systems or analysis processes that are specially tailored to the needs of the humanities and cultural studies. The generic design approach enables simple and effective further development and adaptation of existing modules by relying on established architectures and patterns (including model view controller, client server).

Together with the users, we develop the best possible solutions and plan their implementation in the context of funding applications from both a time and a personnel perspective. On the basis of many years of experience in the implementation of digital humanities projects, we develop feasible time and work plans and support our project partners in formulating realistic goals.

The generic design approach is based on the fundamental philosophy that the software components, created in connection with a research project, are made available to subsequent users free of charge and are further developed by them according to their own requirements. This creates a pool of tools, frameworks and processes that are used in a large number of projects and, thus, achieve a high degree of synergy effects.