TUSTEP Workshop at TCDH



17.08.2023 bis 18.08.2023


Trier Center for Digital Humanities, University of Trier

Building: DM
Room: DM343

The workshop takes place on both days from 9 am to 5 pm.

Please register at: heidi.hein [at] hadw-bw.de (heidi[dot]hein[at]hadw-bw[dot]de)


On August 17th and 18th, a TUSTEP (Tübingen System of Text Processing Programs) introduction workshop will be held at TCDH, under the guidance of Heidi Hein and Hans-Werner Bartz.

The two-day course aims to provide an introduction to the basic functions of the program package and especially to present working with the editor. From manually editing data to processing it through scripts, the next step will be taken. Exercises will reinforce the learning.

As only the fundamentals can be covered in the two days, it is possible to offer further advanced and in-depth sessions, either online or in person, for those interested.

Prerequisites: Personal computer with Windows and the installed TUSTEP version 2023. Certain settings will need to be made for the introduction, which will be communicated beforehand.

For more information and download, visit: http://www.tustep.uni-tuebingen.de.

Keywords: TUSTEP, Digital Technologies and Tools