Literaturgeschichtsschreibung datenbasiert und wikifiziert?

Lecture in the context of DHd 2022

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9:15 – 10:45


Lecture in the context of DHd 2022 in V1_1: Digital Literary Historiography by Julia Röttgermann, Anne Klee, Maria Hinzmann, Christof Schöch (TCDH).

V1_1: Digital Literary Historiography, Chair: Anne Baillot (Le Mans Université)

  •     Digital Environmental Humanities - On the Potential of "Computational and Literary Biodiversity Studies" (CoLiBiS) | Lars Langer, Manuel Burghardt, Roland Borgards, Esther Köhring, Christian Wirth
  •     Literary historiography data-based and wikified? | Julia Röttgermann, Anne Klee, Maria Hinzmann, Christof Schöch (TCDH)

Can literary historiography be formalized in the form of data triples? The “MiMoText project” creates a Knowledge Graph that is fed by different types of texts. In a pilot project, 30 topics were extracted from 92 French primary texts 1750-1800 using topic modeling and mapped to multilingual, thematic concepts of a controlled vocabulary. At the same time, thematic keywords were extracted from approximately 2700 bibliographic entries and mapped to this controlled vocabulary of topics in 18th century French literature. What clusters of themes in the French novel of the Enlightenment did the algorithm identify, as opposed to human reading? The presented workflow describes the information extraction, the modeling in RDF and the final result with exemplary SPARQL queries.

  •    Reading what really matters: identifying key passages using a new citation analysis tool | Frederik Arnold, Benjamin Fiechter.


Keywords: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH, Text Mining