Lecture by Senior Fellow Dr Rüdiger Singer: Eichendorff meets Avantgarde: Collage/Montage in Nora Krug's Adaptation of „Der Jäger Abschied“.

Symposium „Collage/Montage in Art and Literature from the 1960s to Now“

Nora Krugs Graphic Memoir Heimat (2018)


22.02.2023 bis 24.02.2023


Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena


Lecture by by Dr. habil. Rüdiger Singer at the conference “Collage/Montage in Art and Literature from the 1960s to Today” at Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

Nora Krug's graphic memoir Heimat (2018), about the confrontation of a “war granddaughter” who emigrated to the United States with her German identity and her family's role in National Socialism, became an international success and prominent research subject; her graphic adaptation of Eichendorff's poem “Der Jäger Abschied,” published in 2013, on the other hand, went almost unnoticed. I will show that she precedes the graphic memoir in many respects, but is even more decisively and programmatically influenced by the principle of collage/montage and focuses on an aspect that is overlaid by autobiographical aspects in Heimat: the continued effect of Romantic ideologems in the visual culture of Germany between the German Empire and National Socialism. To make this continuity visible, Krug - according to my thesis - invokes procedures and motifs of avant-garde collage and brings them into a dialogue with digital collage/montage.

Dr habil. Rüdiger Singer is Senior Fellow in the project "Mining and Modeling Text (MiMoText)".

Keywords: Scientific Support for young Researchers (graduate and scholarship programs)