Lecture in the context of the Young College (JuKo) in the module Perspectives

Paradigm shifts and turns in the disciplines

Maria Dötsch FuD Auszug






As part of her dissertation project, Maria Dötsch has been researching a 15th century Moselle-Franconian travelogue (HS 1936/7 8°, Trier City Library) since September 2020, which reports on the pilgrimage of Peter Fasbender, a citizen of Koblenz. The goal of the project is the cultural-historical and linguistic-historical evaluation of the manuscript on the basis of a digital edition, which will be created in cooperation with the TCDH.

In a lecture at the Junge Kolleg (JuKo), which offers young scholars with a focus on late medieval and early modern research the opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange, she presented her project in the context of the “digital turn” in editionswissenschaft and language history. The presentation focused on the project-specific work with the virtual research environment for the humanities and social sciences FuD