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DH-ler:innen können helfen!

09.03.2022 | Allgemein

Die Forschenden des TCDH möchten auf diesem Wege auf die Initiative hinweisen, mit der die DH-Community ihren Beitrag leisten kann, um bedrohtes ukrainisches Kulturerbe zu identifizieren und zu archivieren. Alle Informationen und Dokumentationen dazu finden sich auf der genannten Homepage. Darüber hinaus finden Sie sehr gute Tutorials, Workflows sowie allgemeine Informationen dazu, wie sich die DH-Community aktuell einbringen kann.
Screenshot der Homepage „The National Library of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise“

Screenshot der Homepage „The National Library of Ukraine named after Yaroslav the Wise“, (The library includes numerous manuscripts, as well as a collection of Jewish music from 1912–1947, entered in 2005 on the UNESCO Memory of the World list) is a group of cultural heritage professionals – librarians, archivists, researchers, programmers – working together to identify and archive at-risk sites, digital content, and data in Ukrainian cultural heritage institutions while the country is under attack. The participating researchers are using a combination of technologies to crawl and archive sites and content, including the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, the Browsertrix crawler and the browser extension and app of the Webrecorder project.

How you can get involved

  • No clue what’s going on? Visit the orientation page.
  • Submit important URLs for collections in cultural heritage institutions in Ukraine
  • If you can read Ukrainian or Russian, or if you can run the Browsertrix crawler (check out our Browsertrix documentation to see if it’s something you’d be up for trying), fill out the volunteer form.
  • The participating researchers are currently at capacity for people to help with Wayback Machine / Internet Archive tasks or manual Webrecorder tasks, but you can still help by submitting URLs.

You’ll need to wait until the participating researchers add you to the Slack to actually get started, but if you want to read about the process, here’s the workflow and a orientation for new volunteers.

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