Newly Released: Conference Proceedings on Romantic Shakespeare Translations

02.08.2023 | General, Project News

Publication of the conference proceedings: 'Die Shakespeare-Übersetzungen August Wilhelm Schlegels und des Tieck-Kreises: Kontext – Geschichte – Edition'
Transcribo Shakespeare

From June 13th to 16th, 2022, an international conference on the Shakespeare translations of August Wilhelm Schlegel and the Tieck Circle took place at the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB), with TCDH serving as a co-organizer. The SLUB Dresden houses the primary estate of August Wilhelm Schlegel, including numerous translation manuscripts of the Shakespeare translations, as well as parts of the estates of Ludwig Tieck and Wolf Heinrich von Baudissin. Both Baudissin and Dorothea Tieck, in the 1820s, translated Shakespearean dramas on behalf of Ludwig Tieck, continuing the work of August Wilhelm Schlegel. The so-called 'Schlegel-Tieck' translation has become a classic text in German literature; however, since the 19th century, no efforts have been made to edit and publish these translations from a philological perspective.

Now, in the series "Beihefte zu editio," the conference proceedings have been published: 'The Shakespeare Translations of August Wilhelm Schlegel and the Tieck Circle: Context - History - Edition,' edited by Claudia Bamberg, Christa Jansohn, and Stefan Knödler (Berlin 2023) (doi/10.1515/9783111017419). The contributions provide a contextual reassessment of the romantic Shakespeare translations and also explore the possibilities of a digital edition, which is currently in planning at TCDH. Carolin Geib from TCDH was responsible for typesetting the volume.

Shakespeare Übersetzungen Cover