From a letter to an oppressive symbol – notes on >Z<

Publication by Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin

06.03.2024 | General, Academic exchange

In her publication, Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin describes the meaning and use of the letter Z, particularly in relation to the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, and provides a cultural-historical insight into how the letter is used as a symbol and in pro-Putin circles as a symbol of resistance.
Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin

The article was first published in German in the journal "Aptum, Zeitschrift für Sprachkritik und Sprachkultur" (19. Jg., 2023, Heft 2+3). The English and revised version is available on the "Hypotheses" blog of the DFG-funded humanities research group "Urbanity and Religion. Reciprocal Formations" is freely accessible:

Ein Aufkleber mit einem rot durchgestrichenen Z. Unten drunter steht „Autoritäre Regime sind immer tödlich!"

In the winter semester 2023/24, Claudine Moulin was a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Weber Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Erfurt in the working group "Urbanity and Religion. Reciprocal Formations".