Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin - Senior Research Fellow at the Max Weber Centre for Advanced Studies in the winter semester 2023/24

06.12.2023 | General

Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin is a Senior Research Fellow at the Max Weber Center for Advanced Studies at the University of Erfurt in the winter semester 2023/24 (KFG "Urbanity and Religion. Reciprocal Formations" /FOR 2779).
Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin

Das Religiöse verhandeln - Sprachliche und kommunikative Praktiken in der frühneuzeitlichen Urbanität | Negotiating the Religious – Linguistic and Communicative Practices in Early Modern Urbanity

In her project "Negotiating the Religious – Linguistic and Communicative Practices in Early Modern Urbanity", she is investigating linguistic patterns, scriptural practices and language change in the context of urban communication and its interaction with religious practices, ideas and institutions. For Western Europe, the development of urban structures since the late Middle Ages has led to typical forms of urban writing. In particular, the change from a mainly religiously influenced literacy and textuality in the context of a "closed" Latin-dominated medieval monastic culture to open urban centers with their own vernacular literacy practices has produced new text genres and linguistic strategies that need to be analyzed in a more comprehensive and interdisciplinary context, especially in the context of the Reformation in German-speaking countries. Working on this issue within the methodological framework of the collaborative research group "Religion and Urbanity: Reciprocal Formations", with special consideration of a genuinely urban text corpus - namely vernacular grammars, writing doctrines and linguistic treatises of the 16th and 17th centuries - should provide new insights not only for historical linguistics, but also for neighboring disciplines.

Tags: Academy Project, Dissemination and Community Building in the DH