Short presentation at the DH2022 Tokyo

Mining and Modeling Spaces and Places for Literary History as Linked Open Data





9:00 Uhr



In literary history and historiography, places and spaces play an important role – not least in the context of the ‘spatial turn’ . In literary works, narrative locations are particularly relevant, but places of publication as well as further spatial dimensions can also be taken into account. Our contribution presents how we obtained spatial statements from three different information sources and combined them in a knowledge network based on the Linked Open Data (LOD) paradigm.

The aim of the project Mining and Modeling Text is to establish an information network for the humanities built from various sources. This aim is closely linked to the finding that, considering the steadily growing digital cultural heritage, the acquisition of knowledge from large amounts of text and data can no longer be handled by individuals. In representing knowledge as LOD, we see untapped potential that we are exploring in the current project phase on the French Enlightenment novel.

Schlagworte: Dissemination und Community Building in den DH / Wissensaustausch