Carolingian manuscripts included in UNESCO's World Documentary Heritage

19.04.2024 | General

UNESCO acknowledges cross-border heritage from the time of Charlemagne
Abbildung: Ada-Evangeliar (StB Trier, Hs 22), Der Evangelist Mattaeus

Abbildung: Ada-Evangeliar (StB Trier, Hs 22), Der Evangelist Mattaeus

In May 2023, UNESCO included the "Ada Evangeliar" (StB Trier, Hs 22) preserved in the Scientific Library of the City of Trier in the World Documentary Heritage ("Memory of the World"), along with a group of other Carolingian manuscripts originating from the circle of the court school of Emperor Charlemagne. On Monday, April 15, 2024, the President of the German UNESCO Commission, Prof. Maria Böhmer, presented the certificates of award to the City of Trier as well as to the representatives of the possessing institutions from France (Paris and Abbéville), Great Britain (London), Austria (Vienna), and Romania (Alba Iulia) in a ceremony at the Electoral Palace in Trier. Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin, who, together with Prof. Dr. Michael Embach, the former director of the Scientific Library of Trier, has accompanied the project over many years and has developed it, among other things, within the framework of an international scholarly conference, was also present. The next step, according to Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin, is the virtual, digital consolidation and development of the awarded manuscripts in a common portal, which would make this unique European cultural heritage accessible to both an interested public and researchers from different disciplines and countries.

Digital copy of the Ada Evangeliar (StB Trier, Hs 22):

Literature: Michael Embach, Claudine Moulin, Harald Wolter-von dem Knesebeck (Hg.), Die Handschriften der Hofschule Kaiser Karls des Großen. Individuelle Gestalt und europäisches Kulturerbe, Trier: Verlag für Geschichte und Kultur 2019.

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