Workshop: SPARQL for (Digital) Humanists – Querying Wikidata and the MiMoTextBase

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DH2023, Graz, Workshop Venue 7

1:30pm – 5:30pm


Not only in cultural and memory institutions, but also in DH projects, an increasing uptake of the Linked Open Data paradigm is currently visible. How can data be presented in a way that is open, easily accessible, interoperably linked, machine-readable and available in the long-term? In the project "Mining and Modeling Text", we have chosen the open and free software Wikibase, which includes its own SPARQL endpoint and is used by a growing number of research projects besides Wikidata.

The workshop aims to share theoretical and practical knowledge about modeling data in the humanities and especially literary history in the paradigm of Linked Open Data, to introduce the syntax of the query language SPARQL, and to demonstrate the advantages of modeling and providing data as knowledge graphs.2 The focus is on teaching SPARQL in theoretical and practical sessions. Participants should gain the competence to understand the structure of SPARQL and to write both simple and moderately complex queries on their own.

Interested readers can find a SPARQL tutorial on the MiMoText website to learn more about basic SPARQL queries and how to write and modify some useful expressions and functions using the (embedded) MiMoTextBase endpoint:

MiMoText-Team at DH2023
FLTR: Christof Schöch, Maria Hinzmann, Julia Röttgermann, Johanna Konstanciak, Anne Klee, Joëlle Weis, Tinghui Duan


Keywords: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH

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