Trier's smallest lecture room: Wine digital

Veranstaltungskiosk in Trier




Event kiosk on the main market in Trier




Dr. Joëlle Weis
What will become of the distinctive kiosk on Trier's main market square? This question preoccupied the people of Trier and also the city council after the long-time tenant locked the door for the last time at the turn of the year. Until a successor moves in in July, the university and the college are turning the kiosk in a central location into Trier's smallest lecture hall. From April to July, instead of “FAZ” or “BUNTE”, you can get the latest news from research and development as well as everything about studying here.

The Trier Center for Digital Humanities presents its projects on the topic of wine in the kiosk: Wine Labels in Transition, Digital Viez, and the Dictionary Network with its entries on winemaker language. Come by and get to know wine from its digital side!

Keywords: Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer

Hashtags: #studierintrier