Lecture by Prof. Claudine Moulin: Richtig oder Falsch? Zweifelsfälle der deutschen Gegenwartssprache und ihre sprachhistorische Einordnung

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14:00–15:30 Uhr

Gebäude A, HS1


A lecture by Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin (German Studies)

The lecture examines norm problems and uncertainties of contemporary language from a linguistic-historical perspective. In particular, a critical examination of the supposed "right" or "wrong German" is in the foreground of the consideration. To this end, we will jointly classify contemporary fluctuations within the framework of theories of language change and discuss exemplary cases (such as "mit langem blondem/ with long blond hair"; "sie buk/backte"). In this context, language insecurities can often be understood as drivers of language change or as linguistic "repair mechanisms".

The Monday lectures from research and teaching are an open offer of the Campus of Generations. Attendance is free of charge and without registration.