Lecture by Julia Röttgermann (Trier) in the context of the research colloquium

Literaturgeschichtsschreibung datenbasiert und wikifiziert?

Forschungskolloquium WS 2021_22




In the context of the research colloquium of the TCDH, WS 2021/22, Julia Röttgermann (Trier) presents her dissertation project.

The dissertation of Julia Röttgermann (Trier), located in the context of the research project “Mining and Modeling Text (MiMoText)”, deals with a corpus of French novels from the period 1750-1800, which are transferred for the first time into TEI-compliant XML and published in the context of the “European Literary Text Collection (ELTeC)”. Quantitative and qualitative methods of text analysis are applied to the corpus with the aim of extracting information on aspects such as themes, characters, places, or motifs that can be used in literary studies. In-depth analyses and evaluations are planned for the thematic complex of affects in the French novel of the 18th century. All extracted data will be modeled as Linked Open Data in a semantic network, linked with further information from “MiMoText” and made available for structured queries.

Keywords: Scientific Support for young Researchers (graduate and scholarship programs), Text Mining