27th German Conference of Germanists on the framework topic "Ambiguities" at the University of Paderborn

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25.09.2022 bis 28.09.2022


an der Universität Paderborn


The 27th Germanists' Day will take place from September 25 to 28, 2022 at the University of Paderborn. Organized by the German Association of Germanists (DGV) in cooperation with its two sub-associations, the Society for Academic German Studies in the DGV and the German Association in the DGV, the Germanists' Day offers a joint forum for academic Germanists and teachers of German, inviting them to engage with current issues in German studies, subject didactics and teaching practice.

The theme of the 27th German Congress of Germanists is "Ambiguities". Ambiguities belong to the experiential knowledge of every human being. They are part of the cognitive, emotional and aesthetic appropriation of the world and reveal themselves in a special way in language(s) and literature(s). Conceptually widely discussed - ranging from ambiguities and ambivalences to vagueness and vagueness - ambiguities are explored conceptually, theoretically and empirically, formally and functionally in all sub-disciplines of German studies. They represent a key category in schools and other educational institutions, not least because of their cultural, socio-political and educational relevance and explosiveness. The Paderborn Germanists' Day invites to deal with the topic of "ambiguities" and counter-concepts such as "unambiguities" from different intra- and interdisciplinary as well as school-practical perspectives, to sharpen the conceptualizations, to critically consider the respective implications for linguistic, literary, and medial educational processes, and to negotiate their fundamental significance for democratic societies.

Keywords: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH, Text Mining, Sammlungen, Text Collections