Carolin Geib

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Room: DM 308

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Carolin Geib

member of academic staff

Specialist in German and English Studies with a focus on historical linguistics.

Curriculum Vitae

04/2001 - 09/2007: Master´s degree course (Magistra Artium) in English Language and Literature and Spanish Philology

10/2007 - 03/2010: English teacher at the Adult Education Center in Merzig as well as private tutor for students

04/2010 - 09/2013: district manager and administrative employee in the local authority of Losheim am See, department of education and cultural office

10/2013 - 10/2018: Master of Education degree course in German and English Studies and Master of Arts degree course (core subject) in German Studies at Trier University

11/2017 - 07/2018: student assistant in the department of German Studies

Since 08/2018: member of academic staff at the Trier Center for Digital Humanities

Committee work, research groups and memberships

  • Member of the Young College (JuKo) of the Trier College for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (TriKo)

Scholarships and Awards

  • Short-term scholarship at the Reformation History Research Library in Wittenberg (October 2020)


Geib, Carolin (2022): Im jar 1509 hab ich zů ttrier gearb[eitet]. Die Lutherbibel des Seidenstickers Hans Plock. Eine erste Annotationstypologie. In: Moulin, Claudine & Henkys, Albrecht: Die Hausbibel des Seidenstickers Hans Plock (ca. 1490-1570). Wege der Erschließung. Heidelberg, 37-49.


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Ich glaube ein ewigſ leben  „Objektbiographie“ und Ego-Dokument – Untersuchungskonzepte der Bibel (1541) des Seidenstickers Hans Plock. Vortrag im Rahmen des JuKo im Modul Werkzeuge, WS 2022/23, 30.01.2023.

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