Statement on Ukraine

03.03.2022 | General, Press Releases

The TCDH is deeply concerned and worried about the images and news reaching us from Ukraine. Our centre has many international connections, and we fear for our Ukrainian colleagues and their families as well as for staff and students at our university and the TCDH. Our thoughts are with them in great solidarity.
Flagge Ukraine

We strongly condemn this war of aggression, which violates international law, the killing of people and the destruction of material and immaterial cultural assets. As a research centre that has been active in the field of digital humanities and digital cultural heritage studies for more than twenty years, we explicitly endorse the statement of the Digital Humanities Association in the German-speaking countries (DHd). We want to support initiatives for researchers from Ukraine who are at risk. At the moment, we are offering scholarships. Please get in touch if a stay at TCDH could be of interest to you.


The Board of Directors of the TCDH

Prof. Dr. Claudine Moulin
Prof. Dr. Christof Schöch
Dr. Claudia Bamberg
Dr. Thomas Burch
Dr. Joëlle Weis