Scientific Blogs Nominated for Blogaward 2014

The second birthday of is celebrated with a blog award

19.02.2014 | General, Academic exchange

On the occasion of the second birthday of, - a blog portal for the German-speaking humanities and social sciences, numerous blogs are available for voting for the 2014 Blogaward.
Blogaward 2014


On the occasion of the second birthday of, a blogging platform for the German speaking Humanities and Social Studies, various blogs are ready to be voted for in the poll for the Blogaward 2014.

Two blogs from the direct environment of the Trier Center for Digital Humanities are also nominated: is the interdisciplinary blog by Prof Dr Claudine Moulin, Academic Director of the TCDH, on DH and linguistic topics; as is the blog which considers itself an exchange platform for the digital reconstruction and examination of historical library holdings and is thus tightly connected to the projects “Virtual Scriptorium St. Matthias” and “eCodicology”.

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