Projects Presented at DHd 2014

Topic „DH – methodischer Brückenschlag oder ‚feindliche Übernahme‘? Chancen und Risiken der Begegnung zwischen Geisteswissenschaften und Informatik“

17.02.2014 | General, Project News, Academic exchange

The first DHd conference takes place at the University of Passau.
DhD Passau

Several projects of the TCDH will be presented at the first annual conference Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum (DH in German speaking countries) [DHd 2014] from 26-28 Mar 2014 in Passau.

Gewinner Postersession DHd 2014 "Vernetzte Korrespondenzen"
The poster for the “Epistolary Networks” project wins the poster session.


Under the main topic “DH – Methodological Bridging or ‘Contested Takeover’? Chances and Risks in Bringing Together the Humanities and Computational Sciences”, besides controversial discussion, also current research foci and projects will be presented.

“XML-Print” offers a workshop teaching how to typeset XML documents of individual choice with the software tool developed in the project.

The project Epistolary Networks will present its findings and research on the epistolary networks of German speaking exiled authors in a poster session. “eCodicology” and “SeNeReKo” are introduced in more detail in the panel “Project Introductions I: Computational Science and Text”.

Tags: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer, LaTeX