MiMoText: Publication "collection of eighteenth century french novels"

02.01.2024 | General

The final version of a balanced set of 200 French novels 1751-1800 in TEI/XML (following the schema of the European Literary Text Collection) is published on GitHub and Zenodo.

Data set
This collection of Eighteenth-Century French Novels contains 200 digital texts of novels created or first published between 1751 and 1800. The collection is created in the context of Mining and Modeling Text (2019-2023) at Trier University.

All texts and scripts are in the public domain and can be reused without restrictions. We don’t claim any copyright or other rights on the transcription, markup or metadata. If you use our texts, for example in research or teaching, please reference this collection using the citation suggestion below.

Citation suggestion
Collection de romans français du dix-huitième siècle (1751-1800) / Eighteenth-Century French Novels (1751-1800), edited by Julia Röttgermann, with contributions from Julia Dudar, Henning Gebhard, Anne Klee, Johanna Konstanciak, Damir Padieu, Amelie Probst, Sarah Rebecca Ondraszek and Christof Schöch. Release v 1.2.0. Trier: TCDH, 2023. URL: https://github.com/mimotext/roman18. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4061903 .

URL https://github.com/MiMoText/roman18
URL https://zenodo.org/records/10276850


Tags: Text Mining, Text Collections