CLS Research: Report and Video published

Baseline Methodological User Needs Analysis

30.03.2022 | Project News, Academic exchange

The team of the project “Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure” around Christof Schöch, Evgeniia Fileva and Iiulia Dudar has summarized the most commonly used approaches in CLS research as part of the European collaborative project "Horizon 2020". The research results were documented and prepared in a user-friendly video format to specify the infrastructure requirements for the research community.
Daten an Fensterscheibe geschrieben

© Claudio Schwarz by unsplash

The purpose of this important subtask of the “Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure” project was to identify, document, and demonstrate the most common practices in CLS research in order to specify infrastructure requirements for the community. The research focused on the data formats, tools, and methods most commonly cited in CLS publications. These findings will also be important for the project's training program, as they show what key skills are required for literature studies, what data formats researchers work with, and what methods and tools are particularly relevant in the CLS field.

You can download and read the report here.

Watch a summary of the findings on the Computational Literary Studies Infrastructure project's own YouTube channel.

Tags: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH, Digital Technologies and Tools, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer