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TCDH has developed interactive visualization

09.05.2017 | General, Project News

The Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH) has developed an interactive visualization of the mail network as part of the "August Wilhelm Schlegel" exhibition. Read the details in the blog post.
August Wilhelm Schlegel

In honour of the anniversary of his 250th birthday, the exhibition „August Wilhelm Schlegel: Aufbruch ins romantische Universum“ focuses on one of the most significant authors of German Romanticism. The exhibition will be shown in the Frankfurt Goethe-Haus between 6 September and 12 November 2017 before it moves to other cities. Part of the installation is the interactive visualisation of Schlegel’s epistolary network (1767-1845), developed by the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TDCH).

The exhibition is supported by the Aventis Foundation as well as the DFG project Digitising and Electronic Editing of August Wilhelm Schlegel’s Correspondence in which the TCDH is also involved. Several working reports published as blog posts will enable an insight into the process of establishing the project as well as the exhibition. The first post introduces an installation on Schlegel’s correspondence network as one of the major sections of the exhibition.

Visitors can discover Schlegel’s extensive epistolary network via touchscreen and discover which national and international personalities the author corresponded with and when. This does not only highlight the topics Schlegel was most enthusiastic about, but also the profound influences these communications and intercultural exchanges had on his work.

The first post can be read on the Aventis Foundation website (German).

Tags: Exhibition Concept, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer, 19th century