Workshop on historical network analysis in Bochum

Call for Participation



10.04.2015 bis 12.04.2015


Ruhr University in Bochum


The project SeNeReKo - Semantic-Social Network Analysis as an Instrument for Researching Religious Contacts is hosting the ninth workshop in the historical network research series from April 10 to 12, 2015 at the Ruhr University in Bochum. The series of events, which has existed since 2009, offers historians and cultural scientists fundamental insights into network research and provides a platform for the exchange of the latest techniques, tools and projects.

The Bochum workshop with the title “Vom Schürfen und Knüpfen – Text Mining und Netzwerkanalyse für Historiker” this year is particularly dedicated to the method of text mining, with the help of which texts can increasingly be made computer-aided and automated for network research.

No previous knowledge is required for the workshop, but rather pragmatic approaches to solving the questions and resources of the participants are developed. Step by step approaches are developed to first effectively “mine” a text in order to then “establish” a meaningful network. The following considerations are addressed in particular:

  • Properties that a text should have in order to be able to create a network
  • Ways to improve the quality of networks
  • Tools and computer programs that can help create networks
  • Questions that can be answered by semantic-social network analysis

As part of the workshop, participants also have the opportunity to take part in introductions to the programming languages ​​Python and R in advance, and a session on the Gephi visualization program is also offered.

Further information can be found on the website of the hosting project SeNeReKo.

Projects: SeNeReKo

Keywords: Network Analysis