Introducing the Typesetting System XML-Print

Lecture by Martin Sievers (Colloquium "Digital Humanities")



31.10.2012 bis 31.10.2012


8:30 am, room A 338, University of Trier




On Oct 31 2012, Martin Sievers introduces the typesetting system XML-Print, launching the scientific colloquium “Digital Humanities”

Title: “Text gut in Form(en) bringen mit XML-Print: Über ein neues Satzsystem für die Digital Humanities“
(Shaping Texts with XML-Print: About a new typesetting system for the Digital Humanities)

XML has become a standard format in the Digital Humanities. But many users ask themselves the question how they should and could read or even publish such a document larded with pointed brackets, XML elements, and XML features practically. The software XML-Print (supported by the DFG) answers the question in providing a user friendly graphic surface on which formatting instructions can be assigned to XML elements. These are then transformed into a readable output format by a newly developed typesetting engine. The aim is to fully fulfill both typographic and academic standards.

The talk introduces the idea behind XML-Print and demonstrates its applicability of the version 1.0 in various examples.

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