External Exhibition: Departure into the romantic universe

August Wilhelm Schlegel in the Goethe House in Frankfurt

August Wilhelm Schlegel


06.09.2017 bis 12.11.2017


Goethe House in Frankfurt


The birthday of August Wilhelm Schlegel is exactly 250 years old today. The outstanding author of romanticism is congratulated with the exhibition "Aufbruch ins romantische Universum", which will open in Frankfurt in the evening and will be shown in the Goethe House until November 12, 2017. Afterwards it will travel to other cities.

Schlegel (1767–1845) was a writer, translator - his Shakespeare translations are still considered exemplary today - as well as a philologist and is considered the main figure of German and even European Romanticism. He was also a gifted and feared critic, satirist and essayist. Last but not least, it was he who made the ideas of Romanticism accessible to a broader public and who repeatedly sought out intercultural dialogue far beyond the German borders.

The anniversary show presents the outstanding work of the universal poet in all its breadth. On display are largely unknown originals such as manuscripts, letters, exhibits from his Indian collection and other private pieces that have never been exhibited.

The exhibition also includes media stations that digitally approach Schlegel's work. This includes an interactive visualization of its letter network developed by the Trier Center for Digital Humanities (TCDH). Because the author corresponded with almost all important contemporaries of the cultural, scientific and political spectrum across Europe throughout his life. The visualization makes these connections visible and shows how the creative centers of this romantic have shifted again and again. In this way, visitors can actively trace Schlegel's network and read from the original what he discussed with whom, when and where.

The exhibition is supported by the DFG project "Digitalisierung und elektronische Edition der Korrespondenz A. W. Schlegels", in which the TCDH is involved, and is funded by the Aventis Foundation.

Several blog posts have accompanied the way to the opening as workshop reports. You can read this on the Aventis Foundation website.

Further information on the exhibition "Aufbruch ins romantische Universum - August Wilhelm Schlegel" is available on the website of the Goethe-Haus / Freie Deutsche Hochstift and here in the event flyer.

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