6. Working meeting on Internet lexicography

"Questions regarding the presentation and design of Internet dictionaries"

Working meeting on Internet lexicography


20.11.2013 bis 22.11.2013


Institute for the German Language, Mannheim

Organizers: Andrea Rapp (Technical University Darmstadt), Annette Klosa (IDS Mannheim)
Venue: IDS, lecture hall; R5, 6-13; 68161 Mannheim


The final working meeting of the working group on Internet lexicography meets in Mannheim.

The last working meeting of the network will shed light on a central aspect of research and practice on Internet lexicography, namely the question of the appropriate presentation of word articles, the keyword list, the usage instructions and help texts, etc. for the medium of the Internet Information, the design of research options or the use of color, animation and multimedia elements. Another question to be asked is whether the design of Internet dictionaries should be based on printed dictionaries. Overall, answers are sought to the question of how the "hypertext dictionary" can be designed in such a way that users can navigate it successfully, and how lexicographical information and links can be presented in the Internet dictionary in order to enable successful lookups.

Not only lexicographers and metalexicographers will have their say, but also visualization and usability experts. In contributions to as many different Internet dictionaries as possible, the spectrum of design options will become clear, whereby the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen presentation can be discussed. Looking back at various other working meetings (on dictionary usage research and user-adaptive approaches, on the lexicographical process), the question of how the integration of users should be designed must also be answered.


19:00 warm-up with dinner together (with registration)


09: 00-09: 15 arrival

09: 15–09: 30 Welcome and presentation by the IDS Lexicon Department

(Stefan Engelberg, IDS Mannheim)

I. Topic: Web design and presentation of scientific data on the Internet

(Moderation in the morning: Stefan Engelberg, IDS Mannheim)

09: 30-10: 15 Thinking made visual - design in the digital humanities

Aline Deicke (Digital Academy Mainz)

10: 15–11: 00 Online reference works in scientific history text indexing projects

Klaus Thoden (Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Berlin)

11: 00–11: 30 coffee break

11: 30-12: 15 web design for internet dictionaries

Frank Michaelis (IDS Mannheim)

12: 15–13: 00 On the design of the loan word portal German

Peter Meyer (IDS Mannheim)

13: 00-14: 30 lunch break

II. Topic: visualization options and usability

(Moderation: Andrea Rapp, TU Darmstadt)

14: 30–15: 15 Electronic lexicons in the context of visual text and document analysis

Steffen Koch (Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems [VIS], University of Stuttgart)

15: 15–16: 00 For the visualization of linguistic data

Christopher Culy (University of Tübingen)

16: 00–16: 30 coffee break

16: 30–17: 15 Visualization of linguistic patterns

Annette Hautli (University of Konstanz, VisArgue project)

17: 15–18: 00 Usability tests and usability design for the development of Internet dictionaries

Ulrich Heid (University of Hildesheim)

19:00 Dinner together (with registration)


09: 00-09: 15 arrival

09: 15–11: 00 Short presentations: data presentations and visualizations

    Peter Meyer / Frank Michaelis (Mannheim): The OWID experiment platform
     Alexander Geyken / Lothar Lemnitzer (Berlin): The view concept in the DWDS system
    Sandra Denzer / Franziska Horn (Mainz / Darmstadt): Design of the name articles in the DFD - a sketch
    Henning Wolf (Göttingen): Preliminary considerations for the online version of the Early New High German Dictionary
    Nadja Radtke (Dortmund): Preliminary considerations for a wiki-based information system on German supporting verb structures (the SVG wiki)

11: 00–11: 30 coffee break

11: 30–12: 15 10 years of elexiko - a look back at the development of design

Annette Klosa (IDS Mannheim)

12: 30–14: 00 lunch break

14: 00-14: 30 Keynote speeches

1) To use visualization options for vocabulary structures for lexicography

(Christopher Culy, University of Tübingen)

2) How Much Web Design Knowledge Do Dictionary Projects Need?

(Frank Michaelis, IDS Mannheim)

3) Functionalities and design elements of Internet dictionaries

(Vera Hildenbrandt, Trier Competence Center for Digital Humanities / Andrea Rapp, TU Darmstadt)

14: 30-16: 00 Working group I - "On the use of visualization options for vocabulary structures for lexicography" (Head: Christopher Culy)

Working group II - "How much web design do dictionary projects need?"

(Head: Frank Michaelis)

Working group III - "Functionalities and design elements of Internet dictionaries" (Head: Vera Hildenbrandt / Andrea Rapp)

16: 00–16: 30 coffee break

16: 30–17: 00 Bundling the results in the working groups / preparing the presentations

17: 00–18: 00 Presentation of the results from the working groups and final discussion

(Panel leader: Carolin Müller-Spitzer, IDS Mannheim)

from 9:00 am Internal meeting for the network meeting

10: 30-11: 00 coffee break

11: 00-12: 30 editorial meeting for the "Handbuch Internetlexikographie"

12:30 If required, lunch together / departure