President's Greeting

President of Trier University, Prof Dr Michael Jäckel

15.06.2021 | General

Prof Dr Michael Jäckel congratulates TCDH on the successful launch.
Prof Dr Michael Jäckel

Prof Dr Michael Jäckel

The doors of the digital age are called portals. They allow entry or are designed in such an inviting way that - quite classically - a desire to enter arises. A research institution that has dedicated itself to the topic of “Digital Humanities” for many years has demonstrated in many ways the opportunities that digital indexing and archiving of text and media genres opens up. Now, however, it was once again time to give its own “front door” a new look. Colorful, informative - in short: an ambitious range of topics presents itself and conveys in a vivid form the profile-forming element of this focus for Trier University.

We wish you informative visits

Michael Jäckel

President of Trier University