Lecture: „Adding value to ancient Greek pottery data: presenting project Lekythos“

Dr Maria Papadopoulou as part of the lecture series "Practice of Digital Humanities"

Dr Maria Papadopoulou


21.01.2021 bis 21.01.2021




The lecture series "Practice of Digital Humanities" takes place within the framework of the Masters "Digital Humanities". However, it is open to all interested parties and will be designed as a video conference with a lecture and discussion option.

Ιn this talk, I will present Lekythos. Named after the namesake ancient Greek clay vessels for oil, Lekythos aims to: first, represent knowledge in the domain of ancient Greek pottery by building a model of ancient Greek pottery concepts. Second, publish these concepts in the form of a multilingual knowledge graph (ontology). Third, publish an openly accessible electronic dictionary of the English, French, and Greek terms denoting these concepts. I will discuss how Lekythos was builtwith Tedi, a software platform for building multilingual knowledge graphs.

Keywords: Digital Technologies and Tools, Research and Teaching, Dissemination and Community Building in the DH, Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer