Conference: “DH 2023: Collaboration as opportunity”


Konferenz „DH 2023: Collaboration as opportunity“


10.07.2023 bis 14.07.2023


Graz, Austria




The largest event of the year for the international DH community is the professional conference of the humanities disciplines community organized by the Alliance of Digital Humantities Organizations (ADHO).

The 2023 conference theme "Collaboration as Opportunity" takes a look at transdisciplinary and transnational collaboration. A special focus this year is on the Southeast European DH community.

In the context of DH2023, the project team 'Mining and Modeling Text - MiMoText' offers the following workshop: "SPARQL für (digitale) Geisteswissenschaftler:innen - Querying Wikidata und die MiMoTextBase".
For more information see: Workshop: SPARQL for (Digital) Humanists - Querying Wikidata and the MiMoTextBase.

The team of the project 'Zeta und Konsorten' also presented their work at the SIG DLS workshop.
For more information, see: Investigating Measures of Distinctiveness for the Genre-Based Classification of Entire Novels.

Keywords: Dissemination and Community Building in the DH